Used Cars for Sale Near Me King of Prussia

  • used cars for sale near me King of Prussia

Located in Montgomery County, PA? 

Tom Masano Auto Group new and used dealership near me King of Prussia is close by Reading, PA and serves all drivers with top-of-the-line new & used cars for sale near me

Certified and inspected, we carefully choose each vehicle on every one of our car lots. Our family-owned automotive business continues to lead the PA region for over 75-years!

With in-depth automotive awareness, real-world experience and accredited qualifications, our car experts and technicians provide reliable and thorough car service for all types of vehicles.

Reliable Car Maintenance Also Includes Quick Fixes:

  • Oil & filter changes/replacements
  • Flat tire? We’ll patch it up or install brand new wheels
  • Complimentary car washes for all customers
  • We fix tire alignment and balancing
  • Car Detailing & cleaning
  • Plus in-depth and complex car maintenance services

Need car financing? Our finance experts Reading exist to get you approved, driving and thriving!

Getting to your destination always starts with a driving force. At Tom Masano Ford, we’re your full sales & automotive service source.

There are no shortages of shopping and restaurants, plus, good schools, minimal crime and lots of outdoor adventures make living and driving near Montgomery county, King of Prussia quite a pleasant experience.

Drivers nearby King of Prussia, PA, drop into one of our five dealerships or all five of them at Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading and drive to plenty of fun locations around town after choosing your new or used car for sale.

1. The King of Prussia Mall

Drive over to the third largest shopping mall in the United States with a new or used car for sale near me from Tom Masano Auto Group in style. Observe this spacious mall, all its offerings and shop for things that you just can’t live without.

2. Valley Forge National Historical Park

Is Valley Forge worth visiting? Use reliable transportation and drive over to Valley Forge National Historical Park and relish in nature and all that it has to offer.

Yes, it is entirely worth driving here as natures capes offer clear-headedness but having reliable, safe and affordable transportation is an absolute necessity before drivers even begin to adventure. 

With an American Revolutionary War history behind this location, learning additional insight once you arrive is certainly worth the ride.

  • used cars for sale near me Valley Forge

3. Valley Forge Casino Resort

Located in Upper Merion Township in Montgomery County, PA. Love luxury, a lot of space and endless recreational activities?

Then drive over to this destination with new or used cars for sale near me and provide yourself with a staycation, play, dine and explore!

Smoothly cruise over to this destination, it’s close to Reading, PA….

4. IFLY Indoor Skydiving

Want to skydive but indoors? This company offers a free-fall experience similar to outdoor skydiving. 

Driving to this location is another win especially if skydiving is your cup of tea, if not, we understand… Continue driving! 

5. American Treasure Tour

Existing since 2010. Love eclectic art works and classic cars? Drive your family to this museum but also stop by Masano AutoTorium showroom first, especially if you’re looking for a specific model or classic car.

Our car experts Montgomery help you find your dream vehicle day in and day out. We’ll love to give you a tour of our showroom which contains larger square footage than the largest U.S. Walmart!

It is our commitment at Tom Masano Ford to ensure that each and every customer has a personalized and prioritized automotive experience which is tailored and geared directly towards your goals and life realities.

Car Maintenance Montgomery & Auto Services:

  • Tom Masano Auto Group car technicians are experienced, factory-trained and certified
  • We offer free insurance estimates for car collision repairs
  • Utilizing AAA approved repair facilities
  • Courtesy vehicles (available to local customers)
  • 24-hour towing (local customers) 
  • Drinks: lattes, coffee, espresso, water and more


Car Detailing King of Prussia

To maintain the value of your vehicle it is vital that you take your vehicle in for routine car detailing as this action could in fact add value to your vehicle and will ensure that when it comes time to sell your car, you’ll get a fair KBB value by vin price. Good condition vehicles are worth more than the contrary.

If you want to make money on the current vehicle that you own, lease or finance at some point in the future, it is always a wise idea to sign-up for regular car detailing and cleaning services.

Car Financing King of Prussia

When it comes to car financing, our finance experts Reading are here to help all car buyers and drivers with a financial plan that suits your financial picture.

Contact the Tom Masano Auto Group finance department in Reading for specifics.

What’s My Car Worth?

There are many reasons why car buyers, sellers and drivers should know the answer to the ultimate question, what’s my car worth?:

  • Know how much you owe on your current auto loan and check to see that you are not upside down on the loan (ensure that you don’t owe more than the initial loan amount that you’ve borrowed)
  • Have a clear image of your financial picture 
  • Know your cars value for simple curiosity purposes

Get a clear vision regarding your cars worth, this way you can make smart future financial decisions.

For vehicle incentives, electric cars for sale, pre-orders and specific models, contact Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading, and our car experts who’ve been in the business for over 75+years can help. Give us a call at 877-866-6272 today!

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