Car Detailing and Cleaning in Reading PA

BMW X3 Parked on a city street


Car Detailing

The Basics - $29

(This package is included with all service appointments)

(Price can vary per condition, size of vehicle and location)

Tom Masano Auto Group provides high-quality & cost-efficient car detailing packages. The Basics package includes a full wipe down throughout the entire interior, detailed vacuuming and exterior window cleaning.

(45 minutes: Est. Total Time)

Interior Services:

  • Full interior wipe down
  • Vacuuming: floor mats, carpets and seats

Exterior Services:

  • Hand wash
  • Degrease tires and cleaning
  • Microfiber towel cloth hand drying for highest quality paint care
The Splash - $149

(Price can vary per condition, size of vehicle and location)

This combination package is a twist of exterior hand waxing and car detailing. Includes interior vacuuming, dressings for leather/vinyl, along with a full interior wipe down.

(60 minutes: Est. Total Time)


  • Vacuum: floor mats, carpets, trunk, seats
  • Surface wipe down
  • Window cleaning

Exterior Services:

  • Car wash and detailing
  • Microfiber cloth hand drying for high-quality paint care
  • Tire and wheel degreasing
  • Dressings for tires and wheels
  • All painted surfaces are hand waxed
  • Window cleaning
  • Leather conditioner application
  • Trunk seal and door jamb cleaning
  • Plastic dressings
The Works - $269

(Price can vary per condition, size of vehicle and location)

This platinum car detailing package provides thorough deep cleaning for your entire vehicle! Includes full-on exterior and interior car detailing and cleaning services along with high-quality hand waxing.

(2 Hours: Est. Total Time)


  • Vacuuming every nook and cranny
  • Full wipe down
  • Carpet, floor mats, and trunk deep cleaning
  • Leather seat conditioner application or shampoo & deep cleaning of cloth seats
  • Leather and full surface wipe down
  • Spot cleaning – headliner
  • Compartments are emptied, cleaned and organization is restored
  • Window cleaning

Exterior Services:

  • Full hand wash
  • Microfiber cloth hand drying for careful paint care
  • Clean and decrease all tires
  • Clean door jambs and trunk seals
  • Window cleaning
  • Wiping off engine bay
  • High-quality hand wax is applied to all surfaces with paint
  • Clay prep (removes foreign matter from all painted surfaces)
The Kitchen Sink - $499

(Price can vary per condition, size of vehicle and location)

At Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading, PA, this in-depth and thorough service is the most comprehensive car detailing package. With full interior and exterior detailing, paint corrections, buffing, single compound servicing and more, your vehicle will obtain a 100% fine shine!

(4 Hours: Est. Total Time)


  • Full Vacuuming, including trunk
  • Full surface wipe down
  • UV protectant application (protects your vehicle)
  • Carpet, floor mat and trunk deep cleaning
  • Leather conditioner application on all surfaces
  • Spot clean headliner
  • Compartment emptying, cleaning and organization
  • Window cleaning

Exterior Services:

  • Hand wash vehicle
  • Microfiber hand towel hand drying for safe paint care
  • Door jamb & trunk seal cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • High-quality wax is applied to all painted surfaces
  • Plastics dressing
  • Degrease and clean all tires and wheels
  • Engine compartment wipe down
  • Painted surfaces clay prep (removes foreign matter off of paint)
  • Single pass compounding and hand buffing eliminates surface flaws

Car Detailing Services – A La Carte:

Ceramic Coatings - $799

(Price varies per condition, size of vehicle and location)

Advanced paint protection allows drivers to protect new or used vehicles exterior paint permanently.

With 9h hardness for paint resistance and maximum durability, ceramic coatings allow your vehicle a toughness unlike any other.

Maintain your vehicle’s paint even in unpredictable weather circumstances. Ceramic coating sealants help prevent particles from sticking to the vehicle. The UV resistance benefits also help your vehicle keep its original paint color.

Car Detailing Package Includes:

  • Hand wash
  • Microfiber towel hand drying for top paint care
  • Wax/sealant solvent removal
  • 9h ceramic coating application (protects your vehicle for the long-term)
  • Hand buffing
  • All painted surfaces receive a clay prep (removes any foreign matter)

Vehicle will be ready for light and dry use after 30 minutes once the service is complete. After 4-hours, the vehicle should be about 95% dry.

Service appointments must be scheduled 3-4 business days in advance.

(3 Hours: Est. Total Time)

Headlight Restoration - $49

(Price may vary per condition, size of vehicle and location)

Are your headlights dingy? Dim? When you look at the exterior, are they foggy? It may be time for a headlight restoration.

Our auto experts in Reading, PA can replace and restore your headlights to brightly output light.

Child Seat Cleaning - $69

(Final price varies per condition, size of vehicle and location)

Child seats often get very filthy overtime. Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading, PA auto experts understand that you are busy and that cleaning vital items inside of your vehicle is vital.

(add-on service; can be added with any package)

(45 minutes: Est. Total Time)