An Automotive Wonderland: Masano Auto Park

Established for over 75 years, Tom Masano Auto Group has evolved from humble beginnings into a thriving family-owned automotive enterprise.

Offering an impressive range of new car franchises, including Ford, Lincoln, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, the Masano name enjoys widespread brand recognition within a 100-mile radius. However, what truly sets us apart is our awe-inspiring “Automotive Wonderland” – the Masano AutoPark.

This 30-acre, 250,000 square-foot automotive utopia redefines the car buying experience, combining the best of traditional dealership values with the seamless convenience of online purchasing.


The Vision of Tom Masano Auto Group:

At the heart of Tom Masano Auto Group’s strategy lies a fusion of culture and commerce, propelling us forward with fresh, exciting and adventurous energy.

We aspire to strike a perfect balance between traditional buying and the efficiency of online competitors like Carvana and Tesla.

The goal is to create an attractive market position that appeals to both modern customers seeking convenience and the emotional touch that comes from a memorable car buying journey.

Unlike traditional dealerships, Masano rejects end-of-season sales and clichéd advertising pitches, instead focusing on showcasing an extraordinary portfolio, top-notch facilities and unparalleled hospitality.

Our mission is not only to build a profitable business but also to contribute to a healthier community and a more sustainable future, ensuring a legacy that spans generations.

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A Family Tradition:

The roots of Tom Masano Auto Group stretch back seven and a half decades to two brothers, Tom and Bruce Masano, who ventured into the world of car sales after returning from World War II.

Starting with a single car, they gradually expanded their business and have now, with sons Bruce and John, achieved yearly sales approaching a half billion dollars.

The Masano’s journey was far from smooth, with various challenges, economic downturns and external factors testing their resilience.

However, the dedication and hard work of our extended family of talented coworkers have enabled us to overcome these hurdles and thrive as a third-generation family business.


Masano AutoPark – An Automotive Wonderland:

Masano AutoPark is an automotive masterpiece that has breathed new life into the abandoned 30-acre, 250,000 square-foot Baldwin Brass Factory in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Focused on reducing our carbon footprint, the Masano family opted to refurbish an existing facility rather than building anew.

In colder months, we utilize waste oil from oil changes to heat the entire facility, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Key Features at Masano Auto Park In Berks County

Masano AutoPark offers two distinctive ways to purchase vehicles. Customers can opt for the “Click Wonderland” option, completing the entire purchasing process online with delivery right to your doorstep.

For those who prefer a more immersive experience, the “Experience Wonderland” option allows you to visit the facility in person, with the freedom to blend both online and in-person interactions according to your preferences.

Delivery of vehicles can take place in one of the gallery rooms, adding a personalized touch to the experience.

A dedicated team of experts operates the BDC, handling customer inquiries with unparalleled efficiency and results. This ensures that customers receive the best assistance throughout your purchasing journey.

Emphasizing the simplicity of selling a vehicle, customers can choose to sell your cars online or in person, with the process simplified into three easy steps: describing the vehicle, getting a virtual or in-person appraisal, and receiving cash for the car.

The heart and start of Wonderland, the AutoTorium, is a captivating space where visitors can see and experience a wide array of unique, fun and fascinating vehicles creating a sense of wonder and excitement.

An innovative and entertaining tunnel connects various buildings within Masano AutoPark.

The Funnel, ‘fun-tunnel”, features mesmerizing light and sound effects that add to the overall fun-filled experience.

The Album Studio is a delightful visual and audio treat for music lovers, offering an immersive experience featuring 50 of the world’s greatest album covers, accompanied by their iconic sounds.

Keeping up with the growing demand for electric vehicles, the state-of-the-art ER boast a 15-bay service center dedicated to servicing and maintaining electric vehicles.

Customers can capture cherished memories by having their cars photographed with them. The studio’s unmatched clarity and lighting are also used for photographing new and preowned vehicles for the internet.

In collaboration with Manheim, the world’s largest automotive auction company, Masano AutoPark hosts its own auto auction, providing a unique and exciting buying experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Featuring beloved cartoon characters on the walls, Car-toons holds vehicles that are ready for delivery, making the process fun and exciting.

An indoor facility showcasing ten million dollars’ worth of some of the finest automobiles in the world, Tiffany’s Room pays homage to the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Another standout feature is a 15-foot, 4-panel Beatles Abbey Road album cover, making it a favorite spot for visitor’s Instagram photography.

(Pre-Delivery Inspection and Used Vehicle Inspection): All new and used vehicles undergo a rigorous and 138-point safety and maintenance check, ensuring the highest quality before reaching customers.

Any vehicle that does not meet the high standards is sent to their auction.

Vehicles are treated with meticulous care and attention in the detailing salon, where they are washed, scrubbed, and polished to restore their original luster.

Addressing the minor dings, dents, and wheel damages that can occur in daily use, the bumper and wheel factory guarantees that vehicles leave in pristine condition.

Masano AutoPark doesn’t neglect commercial vehicles; the Heavy Truck Service Center caters to Ford’s extensive line of commercial vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter trucks for top-notch service, maintenance, and repairs.

In an extraordinary move, Masano AutoPark has integrated an Aquaponic Farm into its premises.

Adding a touch of sustainability and agricultural charm, they house the Harvest Moon Aquaponics Farm, turning industrial revolution pollution into a sustainable food solution.

Visitors can take home fresh lettuce and other vegetables grown in the farm, promoting the values of agriculture, family and love.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, Masano AutoPark packages its own spring water in environmentally friendly cardboard cartons, offering it to visitors to enjoy this refreshing treat on site and take some home, promoting a healthier lifestyle and eco-consciousness.

(Upcoming Room): An exciting surprise awaits customers in the form of Showvroom. Shroud in mystery, this upcoming room promises to elevate your experience even further.

Tom Masano Auto Group’s legacy is one of resilience, innovation, and a commitment to providing our customers with an unforgettable, unique and delightful automotive journey.

Our Automotive Wonderland – Masano AutoPark – is a testament to our visionary approach, blending the best of both worlds by combining tradition with modernity.

By elevating the car buying experience to new heights, from a pre-owned SuperCenter to dedicated spaces for art, music, and even agriculture, Tom Masano Auto Group stands as an embodiment of what a thriving third-generation family-owned business can achieve when passion and dedication are at its core.

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