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Servicing your electric vehicle is vital for safety and keeping your EV in pristine condition. 

Before you service your electric vehicle, you’ll want to choose experienced & certified automotive experts in Berks County, PA at Masano Auto Park new and used dealership. 

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EV’s Require Regular Car Maintenance Too!

Electric Vehicle Battery Basics →

EV battery maintenance:

    • EV batteries are vital to run your vehicle, which is why regular electric vehicle service and a battery inspection should be on your agenda.
    • If you find that your vehicle battery isn’t as efficient as it was when you first bought it, then you’ll need to bring it in to the automotive experts in Reading, PA for a proper assessment.

There are some signs to look out for to determine whether or not your EV battery needs to be replaced: 

    • You get fewer miles in driving range (the vehicle proves to be less efficient) 
    • It takes longer to charge your vehicle
    • Your EV is outputting strange noises

If you are experiencing the issues above, then it could be your EV battery. If this is the case, it is wise to ensure your vehicle is inspected in a timely manner to avoid costly maintenance fees. 

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The moment you notice an issue, you’ll need to drop in to Masano Auto Park new and used dealership in Berks County, PA. We are located next to Berks Catholic High school in Reading.

Tire Services: 

Tire services for an EV are just as important as they are for every vehicle. Interestingly enough, electric vehicles are heavier than their counterparts: fuel-powered vehicles. This reason can cause EV tires to sometimes wear out quicker than the contrary. 

Your tires will need to be inspected regularly, plus, rotated and replaced from time to time. 

Allow our experts in Berks County, PA to fully inspect and service your vehicle for number one safety and KBB value

Brake Services:

Brakes are also a vital car part as is every other component in any vehicle. For EV’s and all cars to properly drive, every part needs to work together in consonance. 

Occasionally, some electric vehicles and hybrids utilize a regenerative braking system, this type of system is used to recharge part of the battery; this should also be inspected. If you need your entire braking system replaced, we have you covered!

Plus More Electric Vehicle Services! 

Electric vehicles share many similarities with fuel-powered vehicles, which is why electric vehicle services need to be conducted regularly by experts who have experience with these types of vehicles. 

From electric vehicle service, car maintenance, inspections, windshield repairs, paint protection film and more, we ensure you’re driving a safe and stylish EV that maintains its value.

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Schedule Your Electric Vehicle Service Appointment with the Experts at Masano Auto Park Today!

We offer full service automotive services for your EV, along with car sales and more. When your electric vehicle needs car maintenance, contact the vehicle experts in Berks County! 

Continue to drive happily! 

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