Ford F-150 Trucks: How-to Guide

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F-150: How-to Switch Drive Mode?

Since F-150’s for sale in PA are a hit and America’s best-selling truck, it’s important to know that there are plenty of tips and tricks to utilize its useful built-in features. 

Luckily, you can switch your driving mode while you are driving. Although, drivers can also put your F-150 in neutral, toggle the drive mode button and on you go.

F-150 Driving Mode, What Mode to Drive In? 

When you choose this practical and powerfully built truck for sale, you can pick from various drive modes which include: Normal, Deep Snow & Sand, Slippery, Mud & Ruts, Rock Crawl, Tow Haul, Eco mode & Sport mode. 

It all depends on where you are driving and outside weather conditions, when determining which drive mode to switch to.

Ford F-150 windshield, driving in rainy conditions on road

Remote Start Your F-150?

To remote start your F-150 truck, first, you’ll need to know whether your vehicle offers this option or not. 

You can easily find this information in your F-150 owner’s manual.

Once you learn that you do have remote start capabilities, you can follow the steps below to remotely start your Ford F-150 truck: 

  1. First, make sure all truck doors are locked by pressing your key fob once
  2. Next, press the remote start button two times (“X2” inside of the circle with an arrow) 
  3. Now, your vehicle will remotely start and you’re ready to drive (you will know it worked, once the exterior lights flash twice) 

Remove a Spare Tire from Your F-150 

As a new F-150 truck driver, you may be wondering where your spare tire is located. 

Thankfully, your F-150 spare tire has a specific compartment which is located underneath your truck bed. You can remove this spare tire anytime you need it. 

It may be difficult to locate this tire if you’ve never owned an F-150 truck, but our experts at Masano Auto Park in Berks County, will help you locate it and guide you through the whole process. 

You’ll have to unlock the spare tire by using your truck key, then you’ll need to crank it down with the 3-piece rod system tool equipped in your F-150.

  1. Locate the 3-piece rod system tool behind your truck’s passenger rear side seat. Now, pull down the interior seat and retrieve the tools you’ll need to get started
  2. Walk to the back of your F-150 truck bed door and you’ll see a cap located right above your license plate
  3. Remove the cap by using your F-150 key. Insert your key into the cap hole and unlock
  4. Remove the port cover and set it aside
  5. Assemble the 3-piece rod removal tool by connecting the two slim pieces to the L-shaped piece
  6. You’ll need to assemble the 3-piece rod system: insert this spare tire removal tool into the access port, angle this tool until you feel the white cone inside (this step may be a bit difficult but you’ll be able to feel the 3-piece rod lock after its in place) 
  7. Crank the removal tool counterclockwise and start to lower the spare tire
  8. Remove the bracket connected to the center of the spare tire by reaching over and pulling it off
  9. Once these steps are finished, your Ford F-150 spare tire is loose and ready to use

Learn to Reset Your F-150 Door Code:

Set up your F-150 keypad code from the exterior of your truck:

  1. You can obtain the factory reset code from your owner’s manual (there will be a security code card with a 5-digit pin). This pin will be specific to your vehicle; if for some reason you cannot find this, you can always contact Ford with your specific vehicle information 
  2. Now, make sure your F-150 is locked
  3. To factory reset your code, enter the pin code via the exterior F-150 keypad
  4. Press the button that shows as 1.2
  5. Enter your new 5-digit code
  6. Once these steps are completed, you will hear a click (this confirms that your keypad reset efforts worked) 

Set up your F-150 keypad code from the interior of your truck:

  1. You can obtain the factory reset code from your owner’s manual (there will be a security code card with a 5-digit pin). This pin will be specific to your vehicle. If for some reason you cannot find this, you can always contact Ford with your specific vehicle information
  2. Enter your F-150 truck, turn on your vehicle, navigate to your infotainment screen
  3. Tap settings, choose ‘select your vehicle’ option, click on ‘door keypad code’, enter your factory reset code from Ford 
  4. A prompt will appear, ‘edit keypad code’
  5. Next, enter your new 5 digit code twice, press enter; saved
  6. Now you can also use this code from the exterior of your truck as well

Learn to Open Your F-150 Truck Hood:

  1. Head inside of your F-150 truck, locate the lever titled ‘open hood’ (located to the left of your brake pedal but higher)
  2. Pull the ‘open hood’ lever up (the lever contains a symbol with a car hood popped open) 
  3. After you hear the hood open, walk to the front of your vehicle’s hood
  4. Slightly lift the hood and run your hand across the middle where you will find another lever near the bottom, pull to the left, then raise the hood open. Voila!

Unlock Your F-150 with No Keys: How-to

Thanks to the FordPass app, F-150 truck drivers can now unlock your keys if you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside of your vehicle (check your owner’s manual to see if this feature is available) 

Utilize the steps below and unlock your truck in no time!

  1. On your smartphone, head over to the FordPass app
  2. Select your vehicle
  3. Press and hold the button prompt down while the circle spins
  4. You’ve now unlocked your F-150 

If you don’t have this option as your F-150 could be an older version then you can also enter a 5 digit code via your exterior keypad. 

Either you’ve already setup this code when you first bought your truck, or, if you need the 5 digit pin, you can find the 5 digit code in your F-150 owner’s manual (there will be a wallet sized card with the 5 digit pin).

If the steps above aren’t working for you for some unknown reason, then it would be wise to call roadside assistance, this way, you can safely reenter your F-150 truck. 

How-to Reset F-150 Radio 

Do you see a black screen? Is your Ford F-150 radio screen frozen? Is it not syncing? Or, is the volume not working?

Our experts at Masano Auto Park In Berks County, PA have an easy solution: 

  1. Tap and press the power button along with the skip forward button at the same time; a Ford logo will then appear on your screen and the system will begin rebooting (this tip & trick may only be available for Ford F-150 models that are 2015 and up)

Ford F-150 black radio screen

If you’re seeking to buy a Ford truck, choose the Ford F-150, not only because it’s practical, but it is also utmost reliable. Drive anywhere you please. Matter of fact, pick up your keys today! Browse, buy, test drive or finance your vehicle. 

Upgrade or buy a new or pre-owned F-150 truck for sale at Masano Auto Park and Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA. 

Most importantly, drive and use your ruggedly muscular vehicle anywhere you desire.

Get to work and choose America’s Best-Selling F-150 truck in Berks County today!

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