2023 F-150 Trucks for Sale In Reading, PA Help with Disaster Relief

July 25th, 2023 by

With Ford Pro Power Onboard, all-electric truck drivers in Pennsylvania and around the nation can generate electric power and absolute strength in times of need.

Ford electric trucks for sale near me

Ford’s F-150 ‘Best Selling Pick-Up Truck’ offers greater practical use than cars could ever offer. 

Ford vehicles and trucks are tough and always jump to the occasion when it comes to helping communities solve real-world issues all-around. Choose from a fuel-powered truck, a hybrid or an all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning for sale. 

Powerful horsepower and torque along with massive towing capacity (max: 14K lbs.) enables first-aid responders the ability to quickly carry more supplies to any type of terrain, including deeper parts in the backcountry. 

Whether you’re in flood land, an extreme heat zone or simply need to transport essentials to your team and community, the F-150 pick-up truck is America’s number one pick as Ford is always here for you. 

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F-150: Pick-Up Trucks for Sale In Berks County, Pennsylvania:

  • Record-breaking heat, wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters are getting worse as the world and climate continue to evolve. F-150 trucks in Berks County, PA at Masano Auto Park and Tom Masano Ford new and used car dealership, offer real-world solutions for everyday use and for communities that are hit by catastrophic disasters. 
  • F-150’s are solid, chiseled, reliable and ready to help save lives 24/7.
  • These trucks offer high ground clearance and are fast enough to get vital equipment where it needs to be STAT! 
  • As power lines are knocked down by hurricanes and floods gush throughout, F-150 truck drivers can trek in all types of weather conditions & terrain. Plus, you can utilize Ford Pro Power OnBoard to get power tools and other vital equipment up and running during disaster relief initiatives (keep in mind, having access to mobile (on-the-go) electricity is crucial during disaster clean-up).

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  • Flood waters, high winds, extreme heat, fires, and other natural disasters cause dangerous issues for us all. This is why all truck drivers should choose Ford F-150 pick-up trucks for sale in Berks County, PA, not only because Ford is entirely reliable & trustworthy but because Ford is strong and always has been. 

At Masano Auto Park and Tom Masano Ford, contact our automotive experts here in Berks County, PA, new and used car dealership, and we’ll help you solve real-world and weather-related issues by helping you choose the best F-150 that suits you and your driving & working endeavors. 

Practical? This is the Ford F-150’s middle name!

Ford is here for you, and so are we! Buy, lease or own your dream F-150 pick-up truck for sale in PA and learn all about F150 truck history. Give us a call today at 610 777-6300!

Believe it or not, Ford has slashed basic F-150 models by $10K and other models by $6K! Grab yours today and choose from the following configurations: 

  • Pro F-150 truck
  • XLT F-150 truck
  • Lariat F-150 truck
  • Platinum F-150 truck

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At Masano Auto Park new and used car dealership, we are your Automotive Wonderland. 

Buy cars online? You got it! Relax and we’ll deliver your new F-150 truck straight to your door.

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