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Welcome to Oley, Pennsylvania in Berks County where nature escapes rise high and low. The air is always earthy and crisp while the land continues to rule.

Control the land with the right new or used cars for sale near me ride and look forward as the future is advanced and wide.

Glide through highways, streets, backroads, woodlands and more. Start to discover a world you’ve not yet seen. 

Covered in hills and valleys, let your headlights beam and light up your pathway ahead. By choosing interior CarPlay features, drivers can gain 100% connectivity to the digital world–safely. Never get lost and have access to hands-free & in-depth road maps. After all, you’re the driving boss! 

From spacious open farmlands to green lands, high hilly peaks and the best automotive dealerships around; there are too many reasons to drop into Tom Masano Auto Group new and used dealership near me in Reading, PA

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The town of Oley, PA was settled in the 1700’s and comprises around 24.2 square miles. If there is a history lesson to be learned, this city and the transportation geniuses at Tom Masano Auto Group should certainly be highlighted.

Being self-sufficient matters and so does driving innovative, capable yet affordable vehicles. 

Enjoy the quiet and peaceful country land that Oley, PA has to offer.

If you’re seeking quaint, then this is the place. Calm the race and cruise around in this soothing small town. 

This town is known as being safe & small. Yet another reason to grab your vehicle of choice from Tom Masano Auto Group. Head out on the open roads here in Oley and everywhere else.

Trek out in Mother Earth and venture as far as you feel, but if you are going backcountry, stay prepared by choosing the correct vehicle. 

Ask our car experts Reading, PA car facts and which vehicle model/type suits your lifestyle and we’ll help fit you into a vehicle for sale that offers practical transportation capabilities for your day to day whereabouts.

  • Are you affiliated with the U.S. military? If so, let Tom Masano Auto Group know and you can receive military incentives for used cars for sale near me Oley
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Not only is this town close to a car connoisseur showroom haven, aka Masano AutoPark (it contains more square footage than the largest U.S. Walmart!) but it is also home to: 

→ Oley Valley Community Fair:

A perfect fall festival. Plan your journey ahead of time and in time for airy crisp fall scents in September. This fair is home to tasty hamburgers and other fair treats. If you’re all about farm life, then ride your customized truck for sale and help out or sit back, relax and enjoy the fun, competitions and games!

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Crystal Cave (Kutztown, PA):

Located in Berks county and close enough to Oley, PA, adventure seekers should drive to this destination with the entire family. You may even dig up a worthy gem. A tour guide will lead cave adventurers 125 ft. down underground into this picturesque cave. If you can’t drive today, add this spot to your saved places and go!

Enjoy other features too, including a restaurant, shop and miniature golf. Don’t forget to check out the Tom Masano Auto Park new and used cars for sale near me showroom of vehicles which is presented as a museum for those who love vehicles and all types of finely curated classic cars for sale!

→ Nolde Forest – Sawmill:

Drive then bike, hike, run and more in PA. Utilize this forest to gain peace of mind and drive reliable transportation to and from destinations that are far out but worth experiencing.

Reliable automobiles equal survival, especially if you’re out exploring the roads less traveled. Always remember, safety first with Tom Masano Auto Group (Drivers #1 auto resource!)

The city of Oley is Northeast of Reading, PA which makes it easier to head into five of our new and used dealerships near me Tom Masano Auto Group

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Browse cars online, choose a vehicle to test drive and a Tom Masano car expert will deliver the vehicle of choice to your preferred location for test drive. Drive, decide, trade-in your current vehicle, get cash for car and buy cars for sale online or in-person. 

Our goal is to simply make the car buying process – SIMPLE as simple as you’d prefer.

If you live in the following areas below, Tom Masano Auto Group new and used cars for sale near me is not a far trek. 

Closeby and local cities include: Reading, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, West Chester, York, Pittsburgh, Wyomissing, Hamburg, Wilson, Sinking, Spring, Oley, Mulenburg and more.

If you view a vehicle you must have and you are not close to the cities or counties above, simply call us at 877-866-6272 and our car experts will help you find the truck, van, SUV or new or used cars for sale near me that you want.

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