Electric Vehicles for Sale In 2021

EV Benefits & Trending Picks at Tom Masano Auto Group

Electric vehicles also known as EV’s are a hot trend in the automotive niche and are here to stay simply for their efficient and stylish nature. Needless to say, everyone driving this vehicle for sale is doing their part to keep a greener environment for every earth inhabitant.

There are plenty of EV’s on the market in 2021 and this type of vehicle will continue to be a hit as more drivers are beginning to see how much savings are really involved.

The drives are futuristic and electric vehicle charging stations are becoming a part of our culture, which is why it is a great idea to opt-in to this type of vehicle.
With advanced vehicle designs at Tom Masano Auto Group in Reading, drivers set themselves up for real savings and sustainability.

Quick Benefits for Drivers Who Choose EV Vehicles for Sale:

  • Cost efficient savings over the long run (You no longer need to fill up, but you’d better charge up)
  • Gain tax incentives for owning an EV
  • Help make the earth a cleaner place as your vehicle will emit zero carbon emissions which means a reduction of greenhouse gases that pollute the earth
  • Enjoy quiet and futuristic drive time
  • Not only are these vehicles better for the atmosphere, it turns out, they are better for human health too. A clean atmosphere equals cleaner air to breathe!
Copper Gold BMW i4

1. BMW i4

One of BMW’s advanced models that represents sleek and futuristic beauty. This model brings a whole new world of driving to every driver’s fingertips and toes. The BMW i4 has exquisite features that yell innovative and space-like.

This vehicle for sale will be for sale in 2022.

With 500+ horsepower and a long 300+ mile driving range, you can go anywhere and everywhere in this efficiently designed sedan meant for comfort and class.

Red BMW iX

2. BMW iX

The BMW iX is built from scratch by brilliant and creative BMW engineers who designed a model to represent reliability, efficiency and a job well done; so you can get your job done!

This version has a robust 500 horsepower and gains sturdy battery ranges of up to 300 miles per charge; now that’s large!

EQS Mercedes for sale

3. Mercedes EQS – Fully Electric Vehicle for Sale

Enjoy your new intelligent and adaptive Mercedes EQS electric vehicle for sale and accelerate in 5.9 seconds tops!

  • Digital screens makeup the entire dashboard display
  • Reach out your hand and artificial intelligence opens your driver door with absolute predictability
  • Imagine a luxury built all-electric vehicle for sale which attends and responds to your every driving need
  • Secure a long-range battery range of 350 miles with a capacity of 107.8 kWh!
  • Technology on-board can learn facial and fingerprint recognition; the vehicle adapts to your comfort, habits and anticipates your next steps
  • Speak to your Mercedes EQS by saying “Hey, Mercedes” and stream your favorite tunes, from Spotify, Apple music and Amazon subscriptions

Gain a luxurious and electrifying futuristic driving experience today and everyday with the new Mercedes EQS electric vehicle for sale in Reading, PA.

F-150 trucks for sale near me

4. Ford Lightning Electric Truck for Sale

Enter an all-electric pick-up truck for sale which allows ultimate productivity:

  • This all-electric pick-up truck for sale will enable all drivers the ability to work on-the-go!
  • Head 0-60 mph in 4 seconds!
  • Gain massive towing capabilities and tow up to 7,700 pounds with pure muscle
  • With 230 miles, grab an EPA-Estimated Range of 230 miles on the road
  • Charge your vehicle at home for 10 hours while you’re sleeping with the Ford Charge Station Pro
  • Enjoy a unique frunk ‘front truck’ (lock up and store more items in the front of your trunk and in the back cab); utilize these
  • features for work gear, recreational items or just because you need more storage; totalling 14.1 cubic feet

  • 4-wheel drive off-road capabilities (drive anywhere and everywhere; Go Over All Terrain: sand, rocks, rain, snow, you name it!)
  • Zero fuel equals zero emissions

Electrify your pick-up truck by choosing the Ford 1-50 Lightning pick-up truck for sale in Reading, PA and attain sustainability to the core.

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