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Electric Vehicle FAQ’s

For those that don’t know what EV stands for, it stands for electric vehicles. It is important to know that EV’s are on the rise, especially with backed government support.

Global warming and climate change threats are also top reasons EV’s are becoming a trend to stay. These vehicles are filling roads quickly and electrifying car buyers with confidence as drivers are continuing to love EV’s for long-term affordability, sustainability, safety, capabilities and style.

EV ranges vary per brand, model and vehicle type. EV ranges equate to the driving distance that vehicles can drive before needing a charge.

Before purchasing your vehicle, determine what purposes you will use your vehicle for and where you will drive it. Doing so, will help you determine which EV will be best suited for you.

When drivers properly maintain and care for their vehicles, EV’s can last a while (perhaps up to ten to twenty years before the vehicle needs to be replaced).

New vehicles come with battery warranties, some of which can last 8-years to 100K miles.

When car buyers buy electric vehicles, tax credits kick in for up to $7,500. Of course, you will need to consult with a qualified tax advisor about this.

If you buy an EV, there are tax deduction perks, so certainly keep this in mind as you could save when you buy EV cars for sale.

With many manufacturers realizing the benefits of EV’s, car buyers have myriads of vehicle makes and models to choose from. Select from the BMW i4, iX, Ford F-150 Lightning, Mercedes-Benz EQS and more; electrifying your drive time has never been so easy.

Check in with a Masano Auto vehicle expert online or in Reading, Pa and determine which EV lease is right for you.

Learn about APR rates, down payments and more from our finance experts.

Yes. With EV’s currently ruling the automotive market, drivers can buy electric vehicles that are certified pre-owned EV’s for sale and stay within budget.

EV batteries last a long while so there’s no reason to worry about the vehicle’s long-term life. EV’s are reliable.

When you read the certified pre-owned information, make sure that you focus on the warranty and the fine print before choosing your new certified pre-owned electric vehicle for sale.

An EV may be pricer in the beginning, but overtime and in the long-term, it is less expensive. Gas-powered vehicle prices tend to fluctuate vastly.

EV’s cost less to maintain, to insure and charge; certainly more sustainable than regular fuel intake vehicles.

Believe it or not, the first crude electric vehicle was developed by Robert Anderson in and around the year 1832. This vehicle did not become practical to use until the late 1870’s and on.

The difference here is the way the vehicle is powered. A hybrid EV is powered by an electric motor plus an internal combustion engine (ICE); both engines have separate batteries, while a fully-electric EV utilizes one battery for the electric motor.

Driving an EV helps by emitting fewer greenhouse gases into the environment. Scientists and environmentalists are optimistic that electric vehicles are in fact better for the earth.

When petrol and diesel vehicles emit too much of these pollutants into the air, greenhouse gases arise and cause detrimental and long-term devastations to our earth.

By adding electric vehicles to the market, the world can diversify and expand with the automotive industry to help curb global warming.

Although it is quicker to fill up vehicles with gasoline (under 5 minutes), charging an EV can take up to 30 minutes while you are out and about & running your errands, either at a mall, a shopping center, or wherever charging stations are available. 

It is also vital to know that there are different charging stations which can be purchased or used.

From supercharging stations to home charging stations, there is a difference.

The difference lies within the kilowatt hours offered. 

When EV drivers purchase a supercharger instead of the traditional electric home charger, vehicles can charge anywhere from 0%-80%  in under 40 minutes as opposed to a home charger which can take nearly 7 hours to fully charge.

Each vehicle brand is different and all electric chargers are not equal.

Drivers wanting to save time will need to spend more on the charger initially, in turn, it will save drivers time and money in the long-term.

It is advisable to map out electric charging destinations precisely when driving lengthy EV road trips.

Brands like Ford, BMW, Tesla and others offer apps which can help drivers find electric charging stations near me. Always do your due diligence and research, research, research!

EV batteries can be recycled into new electric vehicle batteries. Once they go through the right manufacturing recovery and processing systems; the old battery can be recycled into a new lithium ion battery. Sustainable? 100%.

EV’s are built to operate in rain and snow conditions. Although, keep in mind, no vehicle should be driving when road conditions are entirely flooded.

When charging an EV, charge with a safety first mindset and handle with extra care while recharging your electric vehicle in wet weather (not recommended).

Don’t let your battery life run too low and upkeep it by properly charging your EV when it needs it.

Public electric charging stations offer high-voltage charges, this way, you can charge quicker and leave.

By using lower voltage chargers aka an at home electric charger with lower kilowatt hours, drivers may be able to extend EV battery life even further.

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Drivers Seeking Long-Term Savings are Opting for Lower Maintenance Costs with EV’s

Electrify your drive life with a new and certified pre-owned electric vehicle for sale and obtain sustainability, capability, safety, savings and a future edge at Masano Auto Park today!

Ask our experts in Reading, PA near Berks County about your next EV and join a world full of futuristic advancement. Buy cars online, or drop into 5 of our new and used dealerships in Reading, PA.

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