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Why Choose Tom Masano Automotive Group New & Used Dealership Near Me In Reading, PA?

138-Point Vehicle Inspection Process

Welcome to Tom Masano Automotive Group. Our family-owned business has been existing for over 75-years.

Offering constant, innovative, reliable, transparent and expert sales & service for everything automotive in-person and online.  

Here at Tom Masano, we take vehicle inspections seriously: with an experienced and thorough approach. 

By implementing an in-depth certification inspection list, our automotive experts in Reading, PA ensure that all new and used cars for sale pass our rigorous vehicle inspection process. 

Learn more about our automotive checklist process below.

1st, Your Vehicle Will Be Marked As: 

  • Passed
  • Repaired
  • Replaced 
  • N/A

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, our experts will mark it accordingly and implement the right automotive processes.  Download our vehicle inspection or reconditioning checklist for greater insight.

Next, prior to the vehicle delivery date, Tom Masano Auto Group experts assess the entirety of the Vehicle History and determine the following:

1. Service recall check (OASIS)
2. Our car experts will determine whether or not there is a vehicle recall
3. We ensure that a vehicle’s engine starts and remains idle
4. Our experts inspect the remote start system and operation
5. Is the transmission auto or manual?
6. Is the vehicle steering normally?
7. Vehicle body and suspension (does it squeak and rattle?)
8. Do the struts and shocks operate effectively?
9. Do the ABS and brakes operate accordingly?
10. Cruise control check
11. Do the vehicle gauges operate correctly?
12. Assess Driver Select: Memory profile systems
13. Is abnormal wind noise present?

14. Is hail, flood and fire damage present?
15. Automatic/manual release check
16. Power liftgate check
17. Are the running boards deployable?
18. Our experts provide a full-on glass inspection (windshield, side and rear windows)
19. Wiper blade replacement; if needed
20. Exterior lights check

21. Ensure airbags are safe and in place
22. Check safety belts

23. Radio check (audio and alarm systems)
a. Input Serial #: SiriusXM satellite radio
24. Alarm and theft system check
25. Vehicle navigation system check

26. Heating, ventilation and air system check
27. Defog and defrost assessment

28. Tilt and telescoping steering column inspection
29. Steering column lock check
30. Steering wheel controls and horn check
31. Instrument panel, warning chimes, clock and warning lights check
32. Assess wipers and washers
33. Dome and map lights working?
34. Are sideview mirrors + auto dimming rearview mirrors functioning?
35. BLIS (Blind Spot Info System) check
36. Rearview camera check
37. SYNC Bluetooth System
38. Active Park Assist check? (if present)
39. Rear entertainment system check (if present)
40. Assesss lighter and power outlets
41. Vehicle ashtrays
42. Center armrest, glove box and vehicle console
43. Vanity mirrors and light + sun visors
44. Garage door opener: Universal transmitter
45. Adjustable pedals (if present)
46. Odor-free interior?
47. Head restraint adjustment + seats
48. Folding seats?
49. Cooled + heated seats working?

50. Sunroof, moonroof, convertible top check (if present)

51. Release mechanisms + door handles working properly?
52. Push to start + remote entry system check
53. Vehicle door locks
54. Child safety locks

55. Window control check
56. Fuel-filler door release + remote decklid
57. Toolkit + vehicle jack present?
58. Inspection: spare tire size + type and sidewall + tread depth + air pressure + tire inflator kit (if available)
59. Inspect emergency trunk lid release

60. Perform self-test for CMDTCs

61. Check engine oil, filter change and chassis lube
62. Coolant
63. Brake fluid
64. Assess automatic transaxle + transmission fluid
65. Transfer case fluid (if present)
66. Drive axle fluid
67. Power steering fluid
68. Manual transaxle/transmission hydraulic clutch fluid
69. Washer fluid

70. Fluid leak hose + lines and fittings check
71. Vehicle belt check
72. Inspect vehicle wiring
73. Check housing for oil in air cleaning
74. Assess whether water, sludge or engine coolant is present in oil
77. Check oil pressure
78. Test: relative cylinder compression + power balance readings (if needed)
79. Vehicle timing belt assessment
80. Are engine mounts intact?
81. Turbocharger air cooler inspection

82. Radiator check
83. Pressure test: radiator + cap
84. Check cooling fans + clutches + motors
85. Water pump check
86. Coolant recovery tank
87. Cabin air filter

88. Fuel pump: normal noise?
89. Fuel pump pressure check
90. Fuel filter
91. Engine air filter check

92. Starter operation check
93. Ignition System check
94. Battery check
95. Assess alternator output
96. Inspect diesel glow plug system

97. Hybrid cooling system inspection
98. Assess switchable powertrain mount
99. EV entertainment and information display check
100. Cargo vehicle management system
101. Thermal system (high voltage) check
102. Service disconnect (high voltage) check
103. Charge EV components: test 1
104. Charge EV components: test 2
105. Check cell variations
106. DCDC check
107. EV instrument cluster (Lifetime summary and Trips reset)
108. Electric vehicle drive modes check
109. Heating system modes: PHEV
110. Heating system modes: BEV

111. Is vehicle frame damage present?
112. Check fuel supply system

113. Exhaust system condition check
114. Control test: emissions
115. Auto transmission + transaxle + universal joints + CV joints and boots check
116. Manual transmission + transaxle + differential + universal joints + CV joints and boots check
117. 4×4 hub operation and transfer case check
118. Check transmission mounts and ensure: NOT cracked, soaked with oil or broken
119. Check differential + drive axle

120. Do the tires and wheel sizes match and fit correctly?
121. Check tire tread depth
122. Normal tire wear and tear assessment
123. Check tire pressure
124. Inspect tire pressure monitoring system
125. Wheels, wheel cover + center caps check
126. Check rack and pinion + linkage and boots
127. Assess control arms, bushings + ball joints
128. Tie-rods and idler arm check
129. Sway bars, link + bushings check

130. Calipers and wheel cylinders check
131. Assess brake pads + shoes
132. Rotors and drums check
133. Inspect brake lines, hoses and fittings
134. Parking brake inspection
135. Master cylinder and booster check

136. Is the owner’s manual present?
137. Are the vehicle keys and remote controls in working condition?
138. Is the fuel tank/level full?

Vehicle reconditioning is vital for safety, maintenance and appearance.

During this process, our certified, licensed and experienced car experts at Tom Masano Auto Group inspect, clean and repair vehicles for optimal safety, shape and efficiency.

Vehicle Reconditioning

With vehicle reconditioning, the inspection process covers:



All services & spare tires in trunk

Clean and buff out painted surfaces (clean interior gas cap door)

Clean doors, carpets, rear windows/seats

Clean & polish all chrome surfaces (bumpers, grill & vehicle trim)

Sun Visors and headliners

Cleaning of door jambs + seals brushed

Inspect door switches, moldings/trims

Clean and dress tires

Dashboard, vents and instrument panels

Polish and clean wheels

Center console + glove compartment

Clean wheel wells/painted

Front, rear, all sides/sunroof windows

Windows and mirrors

Side view rear and all sides – mirrors

Cleaning of all plastic/rubber trim and mud flaps

Remove decals

Clean windshield grill and wipers

Clean/vacuum lines on carpets/mats

Decal removal *Special instructions and extra notes added

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