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Lifetime Engine Warranty

Tom Masano Lifetime Engine Warranty

Comprehensive Coverage includes

The warranty covers internally lubricated engine parts only:

• Pistons and rings
• Cam shaft and bearings
• Valve Lifters
• Oil Pump
• Push rods
• Crankshaft and bearings
• Wrist pins and bushing
• Distributor drive gear
• Rocker arms and pivots
• Cylinder liners or bores
• Intake valves and guides
• Rods and rod bearing
• Engine block
• Cylinder head
• Timing gears or sprockers and timing chain

Warranty Provisions

Vehicle service, including all changes must be performed according to manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. The service must be performer at any Tom Masano locations unless you reside more than 30 miles away from any Tom Masano location. If the vehicle is serviced at another service facility you must maintain a maintenance log with receipts and produce them in the even of a claim.

Warranty is non transferable.

Vehicle must be checked for fluid levels, and overall mechanical condition annually at any Tom Masano location. (Complimentary inspection performed at NO CHARGE).

Tom Masano reserves the right to repair or replace the part with new, remanufactured or used parts.

Warranty excludes seals, gaskets, timing belts and damage to engine due to broken timing belts, any repairs required as a result of negligence, lack of maintenance, accidents, misuse, alterations or modifications.

Tom Masano is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages or expenses.

Warranty applies to vehicles with 50,000 miles or less at the time of purchase and only on qualified vehicles.
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